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Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth

₹ 5,999

  • Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth
  • Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth
  • Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth
  • Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth
  • Organic Products on Sale for Plant Growth


Price : ₹ 5,999
Type : I want to Sell
Date : October 11, 2019
Condition : New
Location : d296

1. Wrap Up is a plant defense booster derived through a culture of microorganisms. Once applied via foliar spray, it provides plant protection against microbial infection by forming a thin coat on the applied parts of the plant. This creates a structural barrier, which helps plants to defend microbial invasions. In addition, the metabolites from microorganisms act as a growth enhancers helping the root systems to absorb more nutrients.

How Wrap Up works?
Wrap Up, when applied over the plants, forms an invisible, thin layer over its surface. This is called as a structural barrier & it prevents microbial invasions. Regular application after predetermined intervals helps plants prevent recurring microbial attacks. This barrier, however, does not obstruct the respiration, transpiration and the process of photosynthesis.

Benefits of Wrap Up:
It creates a thin coating, which forms a structural barrier that act as a defense mechanism for plants to resists any kind of microbial attacks.
In addition, metabolites secreted by microorganisms help in root system development and photosynthesis, thereby promoting and enhancing plant growth.
The secreted metabolites also help in reducing environmental stress due to drought.
Application of Wrap Up acts as a prophylactic and preventive intervention, which helps in better quality and quantity of produce.

Add 1.5 to 2 ml of Wrap Up per liter of water to spray. Conduct the foliar spray at every 15 days interval, throughout the life cycle of the crop.
* When applied through drenching it helps to increase soil quality fertility and root development.

Wrap Up is compatible with most of the biological formulations. Avoid mixing it with other agro-chemical products.

All vegetables and crops viz. cotton, roses, sugar cane, soybean, garlic, onion, peas, citrus, wheat, potato, chilly, grape, rubber and other crops

2. StimRich makes plant vigorous, healthy and productive at all growth stages. It is easily diluted in the water. It helps to increase yield if used as directed.

What is Stim Rich?
15 ml of StimRich into 15 litres of water.

How to Use
15 ml of StimRich into 15 litres of water.

How does Stim Rich act? When sprayed on leaves, it is readily absorbed and transmitted to other parts of the plant. The proteins are in the form of simple amino acids which can easily be utilized by the plants. StimRich improves the physiology of the plant and it has tonic and growth promoter effect.

3.Why S.H.E.T. ?
Soil health has recently captured the attention of farmers as soil degradation from intensive cultivation, mechanization, limited crop rotations, and lack of organic matter additions have reduced yield potential. This has often led to increased soil compaction, erosion, greater pest problems, and reduced crop productivity. Often, stated problems include increased disease and pest pressure, soil compaction, decreased infiltration, reduced water holding capacity, low organic matter content, drought-prone soil and excessive runoff and erosion.
A healthy soil would ensure proper aeration, retention and release of water and nutrients, promote and sustain root growth, maintain soil biotic habitat, respond to management and resist degradation.
So, it is absolute necessity to improve soil health & increase crop yield by improving overall crop health.

What is S.H.E.T ?
S.H.E.T is a microbial fermentation product having a combination of Bacterial strains from which Millions of spores GERMINATE and functions like “Plant Growth Promoters Factory”, which secretes some of the beneficial enzymes which help to enhance plant growth & act as BIOPROTECTANT.

Promotes plant growth & development – SHET bacterial spores continuously produces & secretes various beneficial enzymes without depletion , These bacterias are very essential during various plant growth stages & they inhibits around plant surface & rhizosphere.
Increase Soil productivity – It improves soil texture & structure by increasing SHET sporal metabolic activity.
Improves Physical, Chemical & Biological property of Soil –
A) Physical Property –
Improve Root proliferation
Increase Movement of soil organisms
Improve Soil Aeration
Increase Water retention
B) Chemical Property –
Nutrient retention and release Macronutrient & Micronutrients
Toxicity prevention
Energy (C) storage in Soil.
C) Biological Property –
Organic Matter decomposition
Habitat protection
Resource Acquisition – It assist in acquiring various macronutrient, micronutrient & essential minerals from Soil.
Spore secretion modulates plant hormone Level, which result in proper functioning of plant at various stages.
Bioprotectant- It act as a bioprotectant by secreting various metabolites which helps to build their own natural defence system.
It creates protective shield around plant – SHET bacteria secretes some enzymes which creates protective shield around plant & inhibits effect of various pathogens on plant.

When & How to Use
SHET can be used on all types of Crops, Fruit crops, Vegetables, Cereals, Lawns etc. SHET is best recommended to use on all growth stages of the crop to get benefits like high yield and quality crop.

SHET should be used for Foliar Spray & as Soil application.

1) Foliar Spray – 1ml per 1 Liter of Water.
2) Soil Application – 2ml per 1 Liter of Water. Use it through Drip, Drench or flood water.

1) For Foliar Spray – Best result with Biofit Stimrich, Bio 95 & Intact.
2) For Soil Application – Best result with Biofit N, Biofit P, Biofit K.

SHET is Non Toxic to human beings, animals and the Eco-system; hence it is an Eco-friendly product.

4.What is Bio-95 Concentrated?
Bio-95 is a spray additive. It works as positive catalyst for all agricultural products and increases the effectiveness of pesticides and micro nutrients. It helps to reduce cost on organic or chemical products used on your field.

How to Use
Add Bio 95 while spraying pesticides, fungicides and micronutrients. Add 5 ml of Bio-95 into 15 litre of spray solution of fungicides, pesticides and micronutrients. Read directions given on label carefully.

Increases the effectiveness of pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and reduces amount of dosage per usage.
Helps to reduce expenses on pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.
Helps to increase crop yield.

When should Bio-95 Concentrated be used?
Bio-95 Concentrated should be used at the time of spraying any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides i.e. whenever you spray anything on your field you can use Bio-95 Concentrated in order to increase their effectiveness.

Can Bio-95 Concentrated be used on any crop?
Yes. Bio-95 Concentrated can be used for any crop with all pesticides, insecticides & herbicides.

5.What is Biofit INTACT?
INTACT is a unique herbal formulation for effective control of sucking pests. It is a product by Govt. approved DSIR Lab. INTACT is a potent combination of Indo-German formula made of herbal extracts, medicinal plant species such as Shahteera, Centella and Adhitora.

How to Use Biofit INTACT?
Add 2 ml of INTACT into 1 liters of water and spray weekly during early morning or late evening hours. Ensure that the underside of the leaves is also sprayed upon.

INTACT has a unique ovicidal, repellant and insect growth retardant action,which inhibits the incidence, feeding and multiplication of sucking pests.
INTACT also reduces the sucking pest’s population and further crop damages.
Ecofriendly, economic and effective solution for sucking pest control.

Can INTACT be used on any crop?
Yes , INTACT is suitable for all types of crops.