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Ostrich ,Emu Chicks and Fertile Eggs for sale

Price On Call

  • Ostrich ,Emu Chicks and Fertile Eggs for sale
  • Ostrich ,Emu Chicks and Fertile Eggs for sale


Price : Price On Call
Type : I want to Sell
Date : February 24, 2020
Condition : New
Location : Tazewell, VA 24651.

Besides selling Ostrich chicks, we also sell ostrich and Emu hatching eggs for those of you that want to incubate andhatch your own ostriches on your farm. Ostrich and emu hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality!Our hatching eggs are sent by priority mail and should be to you within 3-4 days after that breed hatching date.Theyshould be set within seven days of our shipping them. The ideal holding temperature before setting is 60 degrees. Asincubation times vary due to the incubator temperature, we recommend placing the eggs in the incubator during themiddle of the week if you are hatching these in a classroom.We guarantee the Ostrich Chicks and Fertile Eggs to be true to breed variety and to arrive in good condition.We sell top quality, farm fresh fertile hatching eggs. All you need to do is place them in an egg incubator and seethem hatch!The quality of the hatching eggs are excellent and we have recorded up to 98% hatch rates in our Sure hatch Eggincubators using these fertile broiler eggs.Contact us with your email or mobile number to place your order.