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Recerculated Aquaculture System (RAS) Training / Workshop Available

₹ 3,000

  • Recerculated Aquaculture System (RAS) Training / Workshop Available


Price : ₹ 3,000
Type : I want to Sell
Date : November 5, 2018
Condition : New
Location : Main road, Balanagar Mandal, Gunded, Telangana 509202 India.

We at Kravis AquaWe provide consultancy, designing, equipment supply, technical support, marketing support of RAS.

Training / Workshop on RAS (Recerculated Aquaculture System) 

The modules covered under RAS training:

  1.  Fundamentals of RAS
  2. Water chemistry and cycle
  3. Sustainable Aquaculture and How RAS Fits into this?
  4. Important Considerations in RAS production (Power, Technicians, and knowledge).
  5. Tank Hydraulics and Settleable Solids Removal
  6. Suspended Solids Removal Techniques
  7. Aeration and Oxygenation Processes in RAS
  8. Nitrification Process and Biofilter Components of RAS
  9. CO2 Control in Intensive Aquaculture System.
  10. Fine and Dissolved Solids Removal- Ozononisation
  11. How to Plan and Build a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS).
  12. Water temperature management in Recirculating Aquaculture System.
  13. How to manage and Operate the RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.
  14. Advancements in Solid Waste Capture, disposal and Treatment options in Recirculating Aquaculture Production System.
  15. How to Control Disease and Preventive methods in Intensive Aquaculture Production Systems
  16. UV Sterilization, Transmittance, and Its Use in Disinfecting.
  17. Biofilter Economics (Comparative Costs of Different Biofilter Types for RAS)
  18. What Should be Considered in RAS Design?
  19. Fish possibilities in RAS.
  20. Cost details of Recerculated Aquaculture System.
  21. Feasibilities of Recerculated Aquaculture System.
  22. Advantages and Disadvantages of Recerculated Aquaculture System.
  23. Fish feed / diet details of Recerculated Aquaculture System.
  24. Recerculated Aquaculture System Designs and Layouts.
  25. System approach to RAS and AQUAPONICS.
  26. How to develop an appropriate design for aquatic application.


Hands on farm experience!.

Note: During the session, tea, snacks and lunch are provided.

Recerculated Aquaculture System / RAS training fee: Rs.3000 per head. Please call us to register your seat.